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Side+, yeah I’ve subscribed. I think it provides a lot of value. It's like a secret Youtube for the hardcore fans. Don’t use the clown picture btw


Early Adopter

Side+ is a place where we want fans to be able to get more out of the Sidemen universe. Where we can actually interact with people who have supported us since day 1. Wait I just saw the other testimonials am I the only one doing a serious one? Fuck off man.


Early Adopter

Side+ cost less than a takeaway and just slightly more than a London pint. Now that’s a good deal?


Early Adopter

Side+ will probably get us in trouble. Actually that’s not probably, it 100% will get us in trouble. But anything for the content man.


Early Adopter

EYYY!! subscribe to SIDE+ and Harry will upload on his main channel


Early Adopter

Hide your wife, I've got a knife. Only joking! or am i?


Early Adopter

My name is JJ and I didn’t approve of this picture but I guess we move. I’ve been subscribed to Side+ since day 1 because it’s in my contract. Kidding. I've subscribed because I love the Sidemen - Simon in particular.


Early Adopter

Full Breakdown of membership benefits
  • Prize draw for the $100,000 club
  • Exclusive access to the new Sidecast
  • Prizes galore - gaming consoles, exclusive trainers and much more
  • Access to the new show Access All Areas
  • Monthly Zoom calls with The Sidemen
  • Weekly QnA with questions from the members
  • Exclusive forum to chat, feedback and vibe
  • Access to monthly sidemen dinners
  • Monthly updates with new features, prizes and content
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