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The $100,000 Club

We started the 100,000 club to give back to you guys. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity where we want our die-hard fans to be given a chance to experience something crazy. Every six months six fans come with us to central London for a day they'll never forget. We'll take you on the shopping spree of your life, go crazy, grab some wavy garms, grab a TV, raid the apple shop, if you can carry it we'll buy it for you.

We will cover the following:

* Your food and drinks during the day

* An overnight hotel booking to give you some rest before heading home

* A reasonable contribution towards your travel costs

Entries to this competition carry over month by month - it is active until March 2022 (then the next one starts up)

Prize details

One verified Side + subscription holder to be chosen per calendar month to form the six fans to join the prize event
Only entrants with a verified Side + subscription both at time of entry and the time of the prize event will be eligible
The date of when the draw closes will be communicated on a case by case basis and winners will be chosen no later than one week after the draw closes and communicated to by no later than one week following this
For the avoidance of doubt with respect to in person prizes relating to the 100K club such prizes will only be available for individuals who are at least 18 years of age and shall not be transferable to any individual who is not at least 18 years of age
Terms and conditions apply:

Terms and conditions apply. Only entrants with a verified Side+ registration will be considered, other entries will still be stored and by submitting your information to this site you acknowledge you may be contacted for promotional or other marketing purposes. For some competitons you may need to be 18 and over. for full terms see here

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