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JJ's wand

What do you think? Is this a WAND, or an ELDER WAND? Personally... We back JJ...

Enter now for your chance to win the wand JJ bought in the SIDEMEN $100,000 A-Z BUYING CHALLENGE.

  • The previous winner did not claim this prize so we're running it again!

Prize details:
One verified Side + subscription holder to be chosen.
Only entrants with a verified Side + subscription both at time of entry and the time of the prize event will be eligible.
Terms and conditions apply:

Terms and conditions apply. Only entrants with a verified Side+ registration will be considered, other entries will still be stored and by submitting your information to this site you acknowledge you may be contacted for promotional or other marketing purposes. For some competitons you may need to be 18 and over. for full terms see here